Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mad hatter Tea Room!

 My Uncle treated my family to a fancy tea party in Coon Rapids, Thanks Uncle Mike!  It was simply gorgeous, the whole thing was!  The table cloth, the tea, the desserts..everything!  I enjoyed it immensely!  Here is what our table looked like, doesn't it look so elegant?! 
 My Tea cup! 
 The menu!  We got Vanilla cream and Black tea Mango! Yum! Vanilla Cream was my all time favorite!
 Two lovely ladies having two lovely cups of tea! So sweet!
 Me and my sweet and wonderful Mom! Can you see a little smile in the mirror behind us.  Guess who?
 Zoe pouring the Vanilla cream tea into her cup.

 The yummy pastries we were served!  The white chocolate raspberry cake were my favorite!  Or maybe the cinnamon stick? I don't know..they were all so good! This post is making me hungry just by writing it! lol!
 Sipping my tea! Mmmmm good!
 Kayli enjoying herself!
 Zoe enjoying the cake!
 I shall have no more tea, as Felicity would've said it.
 Writing a Thank you note in the book.  Don't you like my hair! I did it myself, with a little cheat and NO I am NOT going to tell you what I did to cheat! lol!
It's all in the brains with Einstein, as he would've probably said.  Have a great week!


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Laura said...

Looks like beautiful girls having a lovely time! We haven't been there for a few years, but we're going to have to visit again soon :) Looks too yummy to pass up!