Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Roller Blading Freak?

Ok so lately when I have gotten a little "Overboard" with school and some other stuff going on around our house so I get myself some Vitamin D, I take a break and go rollerblading around the city a bit. Great Excercise, plus it is so relaxing and fun! Now since the snow has FINALLY started to clear up I can do this more often. So excited that Spring (or maybe not) is finally here!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Karate State Tournament

 I didn't manage to take very many pictures on the rest of the days (too busy having fun). But their mom managed to get some really good shots of me doing my kicks. The pic abover is me doing the turning back straight kick. Good job if I do say so myself! Came home with two 1st place trophies
(Kata and Sparring)and two 2nd place trophies( Best kicks and Escapes)!

Everyone went home with Trophies and a smile on their face. I had such a fun week with these girls, I am very grateful that I have such good friends. :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Olson's Day #1

 Hey everybody, so this week my mom is gone at MACHE ( a homeschool conference ) for a few days which means that I get to stay at my friends house. The Olson's! So we have been trying to get school done as quick as possible so we can play for the rest of the day. As you can see from these pictures this is one of our play moments..:P

So far I am having a blast with all the girls and all the excitement that's in the house. Have a great day!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Prairie Fire Theater "Cinderella" Production

 This was absolutely one of the funniest plays I have ever done! As you can see from the title we did "Cinderella" and it was a blast! My audition went very well and I got the part as the evil step sister...boo ya! That was the part I wanted the most and it fit me quite well...as you can see from all these pictures.
 Singing "My boyfriends back" and making my "boyfriend" cry his eyes out. (Kinda an awkward scene especially since I am in a bathrobe and hair net. :P
 Wow...just wow. I can't believe my mom actually caught this moment on camera.

 Trying to get the glass slipper on my foot, I had quite a hard time with that. :) "Mother!"
 And again...
 Kayli got to be one of the backup singers for the famous band. Cinderella is based on the 1950's so everyone wore poodle skirts and sang OLD songs...so awesome!
 My friend Jessica (Cinderella) and I! It was weird being enemies with her.
The cast!
By far this performance was awesome, loves my lines, dances, and songs. We even went out with some friends afterwards to McDonald's.
What I wore in was very random here and there:
Polka dot blouse
Yellow Scarf
Yellow sleeping cap
Red Converse
Yellow Robe
I had quite a few scene changes in the beginning, but it was still awesome!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Shoes Galore

 I think I am starting to become a shoe shopaholic (like I never was). I found these neon converse at payless for $3! That's cheaper than goodwill! So I couldn't resist getting them.
Then my mom and I have been on the hunt for "Nice" shoes for my messed up feet. We found these on sale at Kohl's for like $70 (normally $80). Which is really cheap compared to a similar pair I found at foot locker for $140! Yeah, this was a great deal especially since the asics. :) I love great findings at the mall which means garage sale season is starting to come back up!!! I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Apple Ipod

I am so excited to have finally get this great product! I have been thinking about getting an Ipod touch but there just to darn expensive. Even used might be kinda risky, so I went safe to get a brand new one. I got an ipod shuffle just because I can do the bare minimum on it, listen to music and books. I had gotten an Mp3 player given to me a few years ago but it was broken when I got it. Bummer! This was $49 at the Apple Store and like $39 on Amazon and Walmart. I recieved the cheapest deal...:P I am like so excited to use this, can't wait to start running with it too. It's gonna be an awesome summer this year!

~Glam Girl

Monday, April 1, 2013

Long time no see!

 Hey everyone, I haven't blogged in like forever! Well, I haven't had a laptop for 5 months so my mom and I have been sharing hers. What has happened recently? Well, I ran a 5k 2 weeks ago with my little sister.
 I snapped a few pics from our trip to Arizona so here are a few of those.
 An Elk, I will always think of Elk river very differently..lol!
 The hotel we stayed at with my Great Grandma, miss her already.
What I mainly wore in AZ depended on the place we were in, because one minute by the grand canyon it was in the negatives. Then in Green Valley it was 75! So by the grand canyon I wore

T-shirt (Thrifted) $2.99
Green Sweatshirt (Old Navy) $8.49
Blue Jeans Garage Sale $?
Tennis Shoes (Target) $30
For me Tennis shoes  are very important because I have bad hips which is effecting my knees. So I have to pay close attention to the types of shoes I get (or so my physical therapist says) :) It's not like I can never wear the cutest shoes on earth! I just have to put an foot insert thingamajiggy in it. I have more pics to show you but the Internet is super slow so I will have to save it for another post, so stay tuned!