Thursday, October 3, 2013

Online shopping Experience

 I love online shopping! They have coupons all the time and you don't have to leave you home to go to the mall. I do admit I have a few family members who DON'T like to shop, so this is a fun and easy way for me to shop whenever I want without leaving the house. What I do is go to a thrift store or mall and find a pair of jeans from that specific company that I like and find my size and go online and buy it when it's cheaper! :D Recently Old navy had all their jeans on sale for super cheap! I haven't had really good luck at our local goodwill on jeans which means I have to start paying the big bucks. I have friends who pay $100 for a pair of jeans! I'm not saying that it's wrong, but for my price range it's a little over board. My range in price to buy brand new jeans is $20 and under.
 Old navy's top price jeans are about $35 so when their jeans are on sale it's in my price range. All their skinny jeans were on sale PLUS a 25% coupon of your purchase. Boy was I happy!
 I bought these 4 pairs of skinny jeans that were on sale for $19 plus 25% coupon was $14.97...woohoo!
 And if you have a order over $50 you get free shipping, their shipping is outrageous in my eyes.
I also got a pair of fashion boots for this Fall/Winter season. They cost me about $25 so a little more than I wanted to spend but totally worth every penny in my case.
How about you? Do you do any online shopping?

Glam Girl

P.S. I will hopefully be doing a review/tutorial on my every day makeup and the new mega plush mascara by mabelline new york so stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Room Clean up/Life Clean up

 My room never EVER gets really messy, it has been that way for as long as I can remember. When I am upset, depressed, sad, or just to plain lazy it shows! It shows in my outward appearance and in reality. A few weeks ago I walked into my room and looked around. I felt disappointed in myself. It felt like my room was an example of my heart. I don't want my attitude to be messy or stressed and act as if I don't care about anything when really that's not the case. I was depressed and mad at myself about life and choices that were being made for the new school year.
 If I want to succeed in life I can't have a pity party for myself.  I am through with being depressed and stressed about things I no longer have control of. You make yourself sick (yup and I'm sitting here typing sick with something...:P) I need to be a good example and be helpful to others instead of only thinking about myself. It was time for a cleanup in my life...starting with my room.
So Clean!
This year is going to be the best year yet no matter how stuck you seem to get. It doesn't matter what anyone else calls or thinks of you. You have a decision every day to make on whether you choose to be happy or you choose to let the enemy win.  Today I choose to be happy! :D