Thursday, October 3, 2013

Online shopping Experience

 I love online shopping! They have coupons all the time and you don't have to leave you home to go to the mall. I do admit I have a few family members who DON'T like to shop, so this is a fun and easy way for me to shop whenever I want without leaving the house. What I do is go to a thrift store or mall and find a pair of jeans from that specific company that I like and find my size and go online and buy it when it's cheaper! :D Recently Old navy had all their jeans on sale for super cheap! I haven't had really good luck at our local goodwill on jeans which means I have to start paying the big bucks. I have friends who pay $100 for a pair of jeans! I'm not saying that it's wrong, but for my price range it's a little over board. My range in price to buy brand new jeans is $20 and under.
 Old navy's top price jeans are about $35 so when their jeans are on sale it's in my price range. All their skinny jeans were on sale PLUS a 25% coupon of your purchase. Boy was I happy!
 I bought these 4 pairs of skinny jeans that were on sale for $19 plus 25% coupon was $14.97...woohoo!
 And if you have a order over $50 you get free shipping, their shipping is outrageous in my eyes.
I also got a pair of fashion boots for this Fall/Winter season. They cost me about $25 so a little more than I wanted to spend but totally worth every penny in my case.
How about you? Do you do any online shopping?

Glam Girl

P.S. I will hopefully be doing a review/tutorial on my every day makeup and the new mega plush mascara by mabelline new york so stay tuned!

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