Thursday, June 28, 2012

Garage Saling!

 It's Garage Sale day!!! I love garage saling..did I already mention that??? lol!  So across the street from us there were 3 garage sales. They were mostly younger sizes and stuff like that, but I found this sweater shirt that is really cute!  It is really simailar to the white one I got which is a few posts back.  This shirt was 0.75 cents by the way.
 A practically brand new Medium, yellow, columbia, winter coat!  Very nice it was $8, it was pretty pricey but it was VERY nice! So we paid a good price for!
 And the best part of all a....
 Pillow pet!!! This one is so soft cuddly and cute!  I couldn't resist buying it!  It was originally $2 but I asked for a buck and of course she said yes! Wahoo!
 My new little buddy, this pic was taken by my web camera if you can!
Have a great garage sale day everyone!!!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jewish Synagogue

 A couple weeks ago my world religions study group was going on a field trip to a Jewish Synagogue.  I had a blast and learned so much! 
 In order to have a synagogue they must have a copy of the Torah, this particular synagogue has 3 copies.  They are absolutely beautiful and they have a scroll person come and clean the scrolls each month.  The Jews don't touch the scrolls with their bare hands, only with a pointer they have which doesn't show in this picture..:(
 The Torah in its case.
 The Jewish Sanctuary.
 The wall, which is simply breathtaking!!!
I had a really great time and learned so much! Have a great week!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garage Sale Finds and Mall Shopping!!!

 Yes I finally went garage saling after a few busy Saturdays!  I didn't get any accessories or things BUT we found the best clothes jackpot ever!  And Yes Big Lake is completely junky, but there was actually a couple good sales with NICE stuff.  So this outfit technically wasn't from a garage sale but Goodwill. SUPER cute and it was from cold water creek and it was only $3 bucks!!!
 Then we got this white sweater for $1 that is so cute with Jeans!!!  Ah I am so excited!
 Then the skirt is from Christopher banks and is practically brand new! We got it for $0.50! Awesome! The Shirt is from the mall in St.Cloud that we went to earlier today also, I really needed this short summer cardigan for my dress above but the only one we could find that looked super cute and was EXACTLY what I needed was $42 from Macy's!  It was on sale then for $24 but still WAY too over sad :( So I got this black and white checkered top 10.99 at Old Navy!  I LOVE that store!
 Then I got this skirt at Ragstock for $8!  So cute!  But it is so weird, when I looked to see if they had my size it says all size fits some.  Weird...but it fit so I am glad I am some! lol!
 Orange Shirt from Old Navy for $5.99 and I also ordered a blue one online! Yes you can tell I really like this shirt!
 And a green sleeveless one from Old Navy for $10.99, I guess I am too bit excited in this picture...:D

 And a pink checkered one from Old Navy as well for $10.99, Score!!! MY FAVORITE COLOR!!!
 Then these cute sunglasses for $6.99 that were normally $24.99, Wahoo! I have been needing a pair of cute sunglasses!
So overall my shopping experience today I found practically almost everything I needed for this start of summer!  What do you find at your neighbor hood garage sales?!


P.S.  I am so sorry to say that I will have to hold my giveaway off for a while! WAH!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Valley Fair 2012

 For Kayli's 11th B-day we went to Valley Fair on one of the Homeschool days.  It was totally AWESOME!!! There was barely anybody there and they gave my mom a better discount then what was on the coupon.  There was even a new ride, but it was so NOT the best ride ever like they said it would be, but they make up for it by the other totally awesome rides! 
 Waiting in line for the Excalibur ride, which was the new ride.
 Going on the water rides!
 Trying to pull the Excalibur, didn't work so well ESPECIALLY when your under pressure when people are staring at you cause they think your weird, which I am! lol!
 Power Tower...AWESOME!!!  I love it every time, and can I tell you how sore my voice is from this ride! :D Yep, that's me alright!
 We got to go on the rip cord also cause it was only $12 instead of $23!  What a deal!
 Waiting in line!
 Zoe and Kayli went on first, YAY!!!
 Then me and my mom! AH!!!
Then on another water ride!  I had by far the best day ever there!!! And guess what.. my next post will be my 100th post which means a giveaway!  YAY..I know right!  So I will post the giveaway on my next post. Can't wait!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012


 I have never felt so itchy before at one time in my whole entire life!!!!  Kayli and I just went swimming at the Big Lake beach!  But afterwards, I felt extremely itchy and couldn't stop it!
So I took a normal hot shower, still extremely itchy. So then I took a bath and put it as hot as it could get, nothing!  I itched a ton all night with meds in me, and I get barely and sleep.  Then I see Kayli!  All puff and has swollen bumps everywhere!  So I just looked at my arms and AHHH!!!! I turned into a moldy tomato!!!!
They are literally everywhere and we tried this bactine liquid which seems to relieve the pain.  Benadryl, and this white pill I have no clue what it is.  We tried vinegar and heard people saying clear nail polish helps.  If anybody has any suggestion to this chigger mishap, PLEASE COMMENT!!! Hopefully this won't be like this the whole week, cause then I am going to cry. ;(  I can tell you right now that I will never be swimming in the Big Lake beach every again!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kayli's 11th B-day!!!

 On May 31st, my wonderful little sister turned 11 years old!  She was so excited to have found gum in her gumavenger hunt! Get it?!
 They were even in puzzles, cabinets, drawers, school notebooks everywhere! 
 Her BIG present was a purple camera from all of us, she absolutely loves it! She is taking pictures everywhere literally!  So she took tons of pictures at.....
 The Como Zoo!

 Kayli invited her Friend Abby to come spend the day with her, those two are HILARIOUS together!  There two peas in a pod!
Birthday girl and friend!  Kayli had a great birthday, and a great cake but I forgot to take the picture before it was eaten! Don't worry, I already kicked myself in the butt for that!  lol!


Saturday, June 2, 2012


A week ago we started going to our friends World Religions Clep study group, our first field trip was to the Tabernacle and the Cathedral.  I was going to take pictures of the Tabernacle, but it was so rainy and muddy!  Plus I had to hold Henry all the time so either way it wouldn't have worked out. :P  But I got these pics of the cathedral!

The front, this is wear the people have their church service.  Their were TONS of seats!  My church is small and this church is like a castle compared to mine!
Henry and I having a fun time!  He kept thinking the saint statues were baseballs.  Cutie!
This is were the Catholics pray to the saints and burn offerings which usually are candles.

They wanted a buck for a candle that you couldn't even keep!  WOW!!! I thought this was a church NOT a Money maker company!

All the candles, there were so many for each Saint I lost count!

Were you knelt at the Saints feet.

Were the Priest rinsed his hands before praying or preaching.
Then after we had a picnic lunch at this Pizza place! Very fun and cool!

By far a very interesting experience I will remember for a while!  The building was beautiful and some of their ways were just a tad bit awkward, but another religion I learned of in my way to getting college credit!  Have a great weekend everyone!