Monday, June 18, 2012

Valley Fair 2012

 For Kayli's 11th B-day we went to Valley Fair on one of the Homeschool days.  It was totally AWESOME!!! There was barely anybody there and they gave my mom a better discount then what was on the coupon.  There was even a new ride, but it was so NOT the best ride ever like they said it would be, but they make up for it by the other totally awesome rides! 
 Waiting in line for the Excalibur ride, which was the new ride.
 Going on the water rides!
 Trying to pull the Excalibur, didn't work so well ESPECIALLY when your under pressure when people are staring at you cause they think your weird, which I am! lol!
 Power Tower...AWESOME!!!  I love it every time, and can I tell you how sore my voice is from this ride! :D Yep, that's me alright!
 We got to go on the rip cord also cause it was only $12 instead of $23!  What a deal!
 Waiting in line!
 Zoe and Kayli went on first, YAY!!!
 Then me and my mom! AH!!!
Then on another water ride!  I had by far the best day ever there!!! And guess what.. my next post will be my 100th post which means a giveaway!  YAY..I know right!  So I will post the giveaway on my next post. Can't wait!


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gracie said...

Awww! this is so awesome! You guys really know how to have a lot of fun!!!! See you soon!
Lots of love,