Friday, September 3, 2010

State Fair!

I am so blessed to have a wonderful family that loves me and protects me. My Uncle has just blessed my family to go to the state fair! Thanks Uncle Mike! Here is a pic of a calf that was just born. We actually saw it come into this world! COOL! The mother is cleaning her baby. Everyone there who witnessed the birth got to vote on the name......we named him Doughnut! We went into the chicken part and a lot of chickens had weird hairdo's. This was my favorite one of all. He was very cute!

We also saw a sheep contest. We all enjoyed that very much. My little sister Kayli liked going up close to them and talking to them.
One of the sheep was really loud! It kept sticking out his tongue and saying BAAA! Very Funny!
Kayli loved seeing the pigs especially the baby ones. So she wore a pig hat! She looked very cute! Sorry about the pics, they're kinda crooked huh?
I got a pig pencil for school!
Here are the adorable goats. They were very sleepy I guess.
Man this pig was FAT and HUGE! Here is a close up on his face. Funny huh!
This pic is so sweet! It's baby close to it's mama.
We enjoyed the best ice cream EVER! Yum! It was so much fun just posing for this picture.
We also got a small cheese cake on a stick for 4.50! Man the state fair is so expensive but it sure is worth it! We did not get the 7.00 cheese cake on a stick that was huge. But we found another station that was smaller. Tirzah! It was so good!
We went on the best rides ever. Me, I love roller coasters! They're my FAVORITE!

They were all so very fast!
This ride was my most favorite, the Techno Power!
Look how high we were!
Having the best mini donuts ever!
Well I am very thankful for the most wonderful time I had today! I thank the lord for everything he has done in our lives. Have a wonderful blessed day!