Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mad hatter Tea Room!

 My Uncle treated my family to a fancy tea party in Coon Rapids, Thanks Uncle Mike!  It was simply gorgeous, the whole thing was!  The table cloth, the tea, the desserts..everything!  I enjoyed it immensely!  Here is what our table looked like, doesn't it look so elegant?! 
 My Tea cup! 
 The menu!  We got Vanilla cream and Black tea Mango! Yum! Vanilla Cream was my all time favorite!
 Two lovely ladies having two lovely cups of tea! So sweet!
 Me and my sweet and wonderful Mom! Can you see a little smile in the mirror behind us.  Guess who?
 Zoe pouring the Vanilla cream tea into her cup.

 The yummy pastries we were served!  The white chocolate raspberry cake were my favorite!  Or maybe the cinnamon stick? I don't know..they were all so good! This post is making me hungry just by writing it! lol!
 Sipping my tea! Mmmmm good!
 Kayli enjoying herself!
 Zoe enjoying the cake!
 I shall have no more tea, as Felicity would've said it.
 Writing a Thank you note in the book.  Don't you like my hair! I did it myself, with a little cheat and NO I am NOT going to tell you what I did to cheat! lol!
It's all in the brains with Einstein, as he would've probably said.  Have a great week!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Garage Sale Finds!

This week was a little nerve wrecking because there were so many garage sales, but most of them were total junk!  So my first find was 4 bandannas for $2, but I asked for $1 and she said yes!  I work miracles in bargaining prices for some reason! lol!

Then there was this cute flip flop photo album! I love flip flops and then there was this! CUTE!!! So this was originally $1 but I asked for 0.50 cents and of course she said yes!  I love that word!  Especially coming from a sales person in garage sales!

Then comes the things my mom got me, this flip flop picture frame for 99 cents!  We saw one just like it in a store and we were both drooling over it! It was like $14 bucks, but at the thrift store it's WAY cheaper! :D
Then this vanity!  My wonderful mother bought this one for me and it took a while to get it. It was originally $20, but I asked for $10. I waited and waited until finally she said....how about $12?  My mom said yes and score!!!  It is super cute and you can put pictures in the frames on the side. I already put one!  And then I am going to order my pictures of friends and Theatre productions I did so then I can put them in my flip flop book, and on my new vanity!

So that was my finds for the Big Lake city wide garage sales!  How about you?  What did you find?

Saturday, May 19, 2012


On Thursday we went to our  co-op's graduation ceremony, it was very good but also tons of people were very emotional.  I have never seen so many Men cry at once! Wow!  I got to hang out with some friends and have cake and treats afterwards. Total Awesome day!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Twin Lakes!

On Wednesday we went to the Twin Lakes with some co-op friends,and it even was a perfect day to swim and play outside!  It was so perfect that after Zoe and I decided to go bike around the lake. :D  Henry and Keilana in the meantime were enjoying making sand castles and sand pies. Cuties!
 The boys decided to bury Jake alive, please welcome Jake the mummy. lol!
 Playing nuekum with them.
Then afterwards Kayli friend, Abby, came over and ate dinner with us and played for a bit.  They had a blast, and boy do they both make some funny stuff up or what! 

 Playing some more!
I had a great day, and I only got a bit sunburned on my shoulders. But everything else is nice and tan!
How do you spend your summer Wednesday?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bloggers Block

I have been stuck for the past week on trying to come up with something to blog about.  I really hate bloggers block, it's no fun at all!  Plus my computer is acting bizarre from the evil spam! UGH!  Anyways Kayli made me this jar that has a whole list of things to blog about so I will pull one out right now....and....ooh! Here's a good one!  What has your mother taught you about money?  Oh wow..um she taught me to save of course. But in my case saving is a waste of time!  If I find something that I like, I buy it!  I don't wait for something better to come in hand I just buy it!  No matter what the price is!  But sadly, this habit stinks.  Cause I had tons of Christmas money and now there's garage sales and Birthdays and now I don't have very much money!  AH!!!  I probably have about $5 left.  I know...I stink at saving.  I hope that soon I will not have this habit.  This is why I love garage sailing cause mostly everything is practically cheap , and I love doing it.  So my mom has taught me to be a saver, but instead I am now a shopaholic.  But who cares, that's just the way I am.  I feel bad for those type of people who don't like shopping, because there missing out!  Have a great week!


P.S.  I will be doing garage sale posts, but I haven't found anything yet so just hold your horses!  I probably will be doing it on Friday cause Thursday is the Big Lake city wide garage sales! YES!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Twins Game

 Oh yes! This was my very first baseball game I have ever went to!  And can I tell you it was totally awesome!  Our daycare family blessed us with 4 tickets to go see the Minnesota Twins with them!  So here is my Twins shirt I bought, cool right? :D
 Here we are entering Target Field, and as you can see here is bulls eye wagging his tail.
 Me and my momma having fun!
 Here is the stadium, it looks a lot bigger but I couldn't get the whole thing in one picture.  That's proof how big it is!  There was probably up to 35,000 people there!  It was busy!  And the Twins were competing against the Los Angeles Angles.  Some name huh!
 Henry enjoying every bit of attention he was getting! Cutie!
 Here is the view I had and it was perfect!  We sat right above the score board!  Fun!  Perfect seats!
 Keilana and Kayli having a blast and saying "Go Twins!"
 Henry was sticking out his tongue and begging me for the fruit snacks I was eating!

Here is all of us, enjoying the fun game!  Even though they lost at 8 to 3 it was awesome! 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Water Park Of America

 My mom got a groupon pack for Zoe's Birthday to go to Water Park Of America!!!  It was a sweet which is the room we were in.  I have photo's on my camera, but my computer is fryed at the moment so I am using my moms.  So I will post pics soon of the room.  Anyways they have this surfing thing that is so much fun!  So here are pictures of all of us surfing!
 Wee!  Kayli looked like she was having so much fun!
 And Zoe too!  She was so happy to have Anna come along, those two were like peas in a pod. :D
 Here is Anna, surfing like a pro!
 Just came out of the water slide...and as you can see it was totally Awesome!!
 Say cheese!
 Oh yeah, thumbs up to this place!
 The Birthday girl with her friend Anna! 
Group shot of our final day!  If you went to one side of the window it showed to girls wearing an unflattering swim suit, and then if you went to the other side it had an arcade reflection, so we chose the middle.  That way it was safe! Ha Ha!  I had such a great time!  Have you ever been to a place like this before?


End of the School Year Photo's

 So on the last day of our co-op my mom took some end of the school year photos.  But sometimes I can get in the goofy mood instead of the serious mood.

 This is more happy of a happy pic, because I am so glad that I am done!!!
 Kayli just popped up and I guess......I don't know?!

I had so much fun taking pictures with my little sister Kayli, have you taken any pics even remotely close to mine?!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Evil Toe, But Good Doctor

I have this very weird problem you see, and it's a little thing. But it has turned into a big thing, bigger than I think should be.  So I will tell you the story.  Since December I have had what I thought was a splinter in my toe.  We've tried to get it out with a needle and tweezers for a very long time, but it still never came out.  So we tried soaking it in water with some sort of salt and then getting it out with the needle and tweezers, but no luck.  So 2 weeks ago we went to the doctors to see what she would recommend doing and of course I thought she would just prescribe something to put on it or do with it.  Oh but no, I was way off! She needed more help on deciding what to do, so she grabs two other doctors and they take a look at it.  So this guy doctor said something that wasn't really pleasing to my ears. Now don't get me wrong he is really nice guy and acts like he wants to help you very much.  But he told me that he wanted to take an x-ray of my toe and then after that he wanted to numb my toe up with a shot and take a scalpel and cut my toe to see if he could find the thing that was in there.  He also wanted to do this process in the procedure room.... Oh my goodness!  I just went blank!  He said to my mom and I " What do you think"  What I thought is how am I going to do my production on a cut open sore toe, plus I have to do a dance which would hurt doing it on a sore toe.  My mom asked me if I want to do it later or get it done and over with.  In my mind I didn't want to do it at all, but if I had too I would just want to get it done and over with.  And that is exactly what I told her.  So we go into the room and I lay down on my stomach and the nurse pulls out this HUGE needle!!! And I think to myself, what a stinky world.  He is going to plunge that thing in my tiny toe!  No siry that is not going to happen!  So I immediately tell my mom that I was fine and all of a sudden felt better and didn't want to do it. So as I was getting up to get out of the room the doctor was shocked and said " Are we still doing it?" and my mom said yes.  As I felt the stinging of that shot going into my small toe, my mom was soothing me and told me everything was fine and that maybe we would go get some ice cream after.  Ice cream didn't sound good at the time, but I knew afterward I would be really be needing it. After this process was all over, he said to come back in two weeks to see how it has been.  So we came back today and still no change, the pain has been increasing and still no luck.  So he froze of some warts that were spreading all over the blister or whatever that thing is and said to come back again and if it didn't work he will have an MRI on my toe. Weird huh?  Who knew something so small could end up being very big! Hope your doctor visits are better than mine! :(