Sunday, May 6, 2012

Water Park Of America

 My mom got a groupon pack for Zoe's Birthday to go to Water Park Of America!!!  It was a sweet which is the room we were in.  I have photo's on my camera, but my computer is fryed at the moment so I am using my moms.  So I will post pics soon of the room.  Anyways they have this surfing thing that is so much fun!  So here are pictures of all of us surfing!
 Wee!  Kayli looked like she was having so much fun!
 And Zoe too!  She was so happy to have Anna come along, those two were like peas in a pod. :D
 Here is Anna, surfing like a pro!
 Just came out of the water slide...and as you can see it was totally Awesome!!
 Say cheese!
 Oh yeah, thumbs up to this place!
 The Birthday girl with her friend Anna! 
Group shot of our final day!  If you went to one side of the window it showed to girls wearing an unflattering swim suit, and then if you went to the other side it had an arcade reflection, so we chose the middle.  That way it was safe! Ha Ha!  I had such a great time!  Have you ever been to a place like this before?


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