Friday, May 18, 2012

Twin Lakes!

On Wednesday we went to the Twin Lakes with some co-op friends,and it even was a perfect day to swim and play outside!  It was so perfect that after Zoe and I decided to go bike around the lake. :D  Henry and Keilana in the meantime were enjoying making sand castles and sand pies. Cuties!
 The boys decided to bury Jake alive, please welcome Jake the mummy. lol!
 Playing nuekum with them.
Then afterwards Kayli friend, Abby, came over and ate dinner with us and played for a bit.  They had a blast, and boy do they both make some funny stuff up or what! 

 Playing some more!
I had a great day, and I only got a bit sunburned on my shoulders. But everything else is nice and tan!
How do you spend your summer Wednesday?

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