Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vote For My Cousin!!!

Hey everyone!  My cousin Tirzah is trying to get a scholarship but she needs enough votes.  Vote for her Please!  Here's the link:


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fashion Frenzy Preview!

 Preview! Coming soon!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chore day

 Yup...chore day. Which means I get to mow the front lawn, dust, mop, sweep, vaccum, pick up room, pick up downstairs and make bed (and yes I don't make my bed everyday..I know I am so NOT in order here!) This Is what I look like after I mow the lawn..tired, exausted, and did I mention tired?
How do you like all my new side buttons, name of blog, profile pic, and the poll?  Is there anything you thing I can improve on? Well, happy work day for you all!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Fashion Frenzy...coming soon!

I'm a rapper! Jk! I just wanted to do a blogpost for just a random reason and tell you all I am going to do a little Fashion Frenzy challenge thing.  I haven't totally figured it out yet with school and all, but I will soon be doing a little Fashion Frenzy thing! Oh yes and it is wonderful friday! Oh yeah!  I am so relieved to have 2 days off of school! History is definetly my weakest point this year, but just wait and see because pretty soon I will be waving 3 college credits in your face! Jk! lol! Another quick reminder to check out my older sister's blog! Here's the link: Have a FABULOUS weekend!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Funny Story and Yes about me! :P

Don't you hate it when people think there so cool that they can yell in anybody's face? Well, that has happened to me today! I was biking with my sisters to just go run some arons, Coborns, Library, and afterwards Ice cream at McDonald's. As we were biking to Coborns there were some other teenagers who were biking by. I didn't do anything except to just bike on and not to stare. He went by my two sisters first, but then all of a sudden one of the guys yelled RUFF right in my face!!! I can tell you right now that it scared the crap out of me and I was SOOO tempted to say JERK! But, I held my tongue and my facial expression until we saw them at McDonald's. They were smiling and waving at us as if they were just bored to tears and decided to tease us. After we were done eating we went back outside to get on our bikes to leave. I kept saying in my head don't look at them don't pay any attention until I turned to get my bike and he was giving me this huge grin and giving me a thumbs up. Now trust me I have no clue who this person is... then I gave up and decided to give them a good taste of their own medicine. I gave him a look like this:
I am so mean aren't I? Yeah, he bursted my bubble. But shoulda seen the look on his face! It was so funny!  He looked so shocked! HAHAHA!!!  I was being very foolish wasn't I? Yeah... so anyways my older sister Gabrielle has a new blog! Yay! Make sure to check it out! It's hilarious and awesome! Here's the link:


Monday, August 20, 2012

First day of School Of 2012

 As you all know I homeschool (which rocks) and the first day of school has officially started today. I am Cleping out of Environmental Science, Government, History, and Physcology this year.  I am planning on being done with Environmental Science and History by Christmas, so I can Clep out of those before we go see my Grandma in Arizona for Christmas!  Just the relief will make this Christmas the best!  Also guess who's b-day is coming up?!  I know! So hard! If you guessed me your SO right! I will be 14 years old! Yahoo! Only 1 more year till I start driving...scary right? It's scary enough to have Gabrielle driving, I can't imagine what my mom thinks...:)
 I don't know what to think of this years school subjects, but hey I am sure glad it will pay off when I go to college and PSEO. 
I thought this was so me!



So True!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Week Spent with friends/ Mom's Surgery

 As some of you may know my mom had 3 tumors, which were taken out on Monday.  So this week we went to our friends house! It was hard to tell whether you were happy and sad, because you could be happy to spend time with friends, or be sad cause your having fun and someone you love is in pain and NOT having so much fun.  Well, I as you can see I decided to not worry and let mom's surgery fall into God's hands instead of my own.  There's no use worrying, so I might as well get distracted by my Bff Ellie!! She makes me laugh and Is one of those friends you will never forget and be friends forever. :)
 Looking at me...
 and telling me how strong I am!!! Oh yeah!
 What does the sign say???
 Dock closed for repair...ok?
 Yep, I do look good if I do say so! Jk!
 Day 2: Emma Day!  This is another very good friend of mine who I haven't seen in FOREVER!!!  She can always make you smile and Laugh and says the sweetest things!  She is so much fun!
 We put TONS of makeup on each other and went CRAZY!  We were totally freaks!  Sometimes I like being a freak! Especially being a freak with somebody you care about! :D
Day 3: Peyton Day!  I didn't actually take any pictures of our day, so I found an old one so you would know who I am talking about.  She is also another SUPER GOOD friend of mine and can always make you laugh and comes up with the funniest jokes!  (Trust me...she plays them on me all the time, for instance she told me I was Gullible and that it wasn't in the Dictionary.  I immediately believed her until today she showed me that it was in the Dictionary.  Also she tricked me into thinking I drank out of James Coopers cup and what was my reaction to this?  Running to a tree and spitting to my hearts desire, but NO that was not good enough!  I went to the Bathroom and washed my mouth out with soap! Yeah, but it wasn't true, I drank out of my cup....yeah BIG red face in front of my catering team which we were catering a wedding Reception.  But everyone was talking and being SO loud they couldn't hear me which I am very Thankful for. I still Love that girl and man are we the best of friends or what!) She is the one on the right. Well, gotta go, byez!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Passed!!!

Oh yes! WAHOO!!! I passed!  If you don't know what I am talking about I passed the World Religions Dsst Exam!  I have 3 college credits! Wait...did I already mention I have 3 college credits! I can't wait to go up to someone and ask " Do you have 3 college credits, cause I do!" HAHAHA!  This is why I haven't been blogging much cause of two things: 1. I have been studying my head off and didn't have time to blog. 2. I have been extremely scared of blogger cause it has MAJOR spam and nobody can fix it. Urgh! But I found a safe way to get on without getting scared of creeped out. Oh yeah, this picture above is a great example of what you do when your overwhelmed. You do the craziest things, but it sure pays off in the end! Ok, got to go scream my head off, hopefully I will blog soon cause I got great finds to blog about! I just haven't taken the pictures yet, bye!