Monday, August 20, 2012

First day of School Of 2012

 As you all know I homeschool (which rocks) and the first day of school has officially started today. I am Cleping out of Environmental Science, Government, History, and Physcology this year.  I am planning on being done with Environmental Science and History by Christmas, so I can Clep out of those before we go see my Grandma in Arizona for Christmas!  Just the relief will make this Christmas the best!  Also guess who's b-day is coming up?!  I know! So hard! If you guessed me your SO right! I will be 14 years old! Yahoo! Only 1 more year till I start driving...scary right? It's scary enough to have Gabrielle driving, I can't imagine what my mom thinks...:)
 I don't know what to think of this years school subjects, but hey I am sure glad it will pay off when I go to college and PSEO. 
I thought this was so me!


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Tirzah said...

I love that quote!
Great job on school Tori! I bet you'll do great!!

Love you! Tirzah <3