Friday, January 24, 2014

Sick really...oh boy

Hey everyone! Haven't been on blogger for a while! Well I'll give you an update on my life over here. I had a wonderful relaxing time in Arizona. Spent our days with my great grandma cooking, playing games, and swimming in her pool. She took us out to Cheesecake Factory and let me tell you know, watch out! That place is amazing, and boy do they give you a TON of food! Anywho we went to her church's candlelight service and went to a few places she used to work at. What a fun trip!
Besides our trip to Arizona I hung out with a few friends after New years and we ate what every girls craving is. Chocolate....and Pizza. What combination could ever be better. School came back up around a week later and my teachers really missed me....not. No I love my teachers, they just might not love me. My writing teacher actually came up to me and gave me a pair of blue snowman socks and some cookies for a late Christmas present. Such a sweetie. I got an iPod touch too, so I've been exchanging numbers with friends and texting away! Its my new toy and I probably spend too much time on it. :)
Well...need to say this Saturday afternoon my body decided to get sick...really sick. Went to the doctors and they tell me I have influenza (why is it I get the flue and I haven't even EVER had the flue shot?) and on top of that I get bronchitis?! So an inhaler is going to be my best friend for a while. Ugh...not fun. One of my sisters caught the flue from me and is now suffering while I'm recovering. Poor thing.
That's my life for now! This blog has kinda turned into random things here and there around my life. Oh well!