Friday, August 19, 2011

Work day

  Today is work day for me, mowing the lawn, dusting, mopping,sweeping, clean room, fold clothes, etc.
I will be so sore I won't be able to move.  But I already mowed the lawn, and of course the lawn mower wasn't working.  So I had to do each row twice in order for it to look like it was mowed.  Tired is my middle name today.  But I am glad to get it all done.
Tomorrow we are going to a friends house and having a pride and prejudice party!  We'll dress up just like them, have our hair done like them, ah just imaging it makes me feel relaxed.  I am very blessed to have good friends like them.  They have 8 children and the 3 oldest our all of our age!  Have a blessed day!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Fun!

                                         What's your favorite restaurant? Mine would probably be a buffet because you can eat all the food you want.  I love there ham, mac and cheese, desserts, there ice cream bar, taco, etc.  But I know some people don't like buffets for germs.  I don't really care about germs that much.  My favorite restaurant is Old country Buffet.
Oh how I love summer!  To bad it is almost over! AH!  I love running and playing energetic games.   But also talking, blogging too!  If I had to pick a sport to do, probably being on the swim team.  But I almost did but decided family was more important.  I hope I get the chance to someday! 
Today we went garage sailing but I got nothing.  I would've blogged about but you know.  Bummer.
I hope you all have a blessed day!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just for fun!

I would love to be rich! Wouldn't you? I would be most happy if I married a rich man. But I would also like to marry a dirt farmer. It would be kinda fun! But I will marry whatever man God has in store for me. Anyways about Money, I LOVE to shop and spend! It makes me feel real happy, but in the end if I spend it badly on some junky thing I would be upset. So I am doing what my cousin is doing only bring a certain amount of money when you go shopping or garage sailing. So I plan to only spend a dollar every 1-2 weeks. Then I will get lower and lower, but then get back up to a dollar! Sometimes I think to myself, what if I were an only child? Well, I would get all the attention and good stuff. But I would be bored to death! I know my cousins are probably never bored because of each other! lol! That's why I plan to have as many children God wants me to have!
And nobody to fight and play with. :( But I guess fighting is a not so much a great thing. I would probably, maybe, not really....Just joking, should work on that.
Isn't she Cute! My little cousin, Marshmallow Taffy!

A vegetable that I absolutely hate and will throw up if I eat it, CORN. If you are planning to try corn, go right ahead but just warning you that corn is mold! And is not especially healthy for you. I am very pleased that I don't like it. But if we go to some body's house and corn is in the dish, I will eat it out of kindness, and drink lots of water! lol!

Sorry for not blogging much, I forgot that my little sister rosebud and mama pillar made a jar with tons of idea's for blogging in it. Thanks for still reading cousins! Have a blessed day!