Sunday, September 29, 2013

Prairie Fire "Beauty and the Beast" theater camp

 Hey Peeps! This week has been CRAZY busy...but a good busy! We had theater camp again...totally awesome! I am so going to miss all my friends and fabulous directors. We normally have around 80 people in our productions in the past. Only 56 this time so it was a lot smaller than usual.
 My little sister was Gypsy leader #4...she was so excited to have a speaking part! She was amazing!
 And of course I was Beauty's vain sister Lucreatia (second lead female role), it was so much fun! It was so much fun working with these girls, they were vain sisters too. Our names were Lucreatia, Morticia, Laticia, Ambitia, Narcissia, and Ishishia. That's a string of names!
 These were my girlfriends I hung out with all week, gonna miss them. We had the best of memories!
 Trying to pick her up...was it a fail?
 Nope...were all good!
 My little sister and I, she was such a good sport.
And we all bought T-shirts, so we all matched! This was a wonderful experience, but now I have to wait till spring before Prairie fire theater camps start back up again. :( I had an amazing time.

Glam Girl

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Conair You Curl Wand Review

Hey peeps! This week has been super busy, school, theater camp, karate start up, etc. So I decided to try out the Conair You Curl Wand. We bought it at Target for like $20 (on sale) so not real expensive. So the pic shows that it comes with a 3 finger heat protective glove so you don't burn your hands (like me). Works fabulous! Here's a style I tried it out with:
 Step #1: Brush your hair out and part it
 Step #2: Combine your hair into a high side pony tail
 Step #3: Grab a small strand of hair and wrap your hair around the Wand
 Hint: Don't forget the glove, it helps a ton!
 And keep curling
 and curling
 and curling
 and curling....till finally your done!
 Step #4: Put in any type of hair spray in your hair, I used Suave Max Hold

Untill your finally done! I think it works great on my hair (my hair like never curls). Sorry if my hair looks orange...I think its the lighting from my camera. If you want the curls to stay in longer, I would put some Aussie heat protective spray on before your curl your hair. Hope this helps!

~Glam Girl

Thursday, September 12, 2013

 Have I told you how much I love karate? I love how you can learn new and more advanced techniques the higher belt rank you get. These pics are from the Winter/Spring tournament at the beginning of this year. Because I am now two belt ranks up from that.
 I especially love doing it with friends that we've known like forever!
A black belt helping me do my escapes....:D

1st Place!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!
~Glam Girl

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My makeup must haves

I have had a few questions about what I use for my every day makeup. I wear makeup 5 out of 7 days a week. I take classes all over so I wear it almost every day.
          I absolutely love Maybelline new York, and I always have. Their products work great for me, plus their cheap! I have the colossal volume express mascara right now. I like how it gives a curl while you brush your lashes. It does clump a little more than I would like it too though. I want to try the new Big Eyes or the Mega plush one after this one.
NYC is the brand I get my eyeliner from, I used to get pencil eyeliner but I kept pushing to hard and scratching my eye lids. The liquid one is the one I have right now, and I love it! It brushes on smoothly and there's no clumps.

I like LOVE baby lips. It's like a mix between lipstick and lip balm. They have amazing colors and they don't make my lips feel very chappy like. I also use it as a chapstick too and my lips are hardly ever dry. This works especially great in the winter when it's really dry.
Clinique's foundation has worked very well on my skin for about 2 years, so far so good. My skin is really oily though after a few hours. So I have to get primer which is like duck tape to hold the oils from making your skin all shiny and oily. Besides that I like how it covers up my blemishes up really good. I also use Claire's eyeshadow and Clinique's blush. They really go good on my face so I am pleased!

So I am off to church, then shopping, and youth group. It's going to be a good day. Have a great day!
~Glam Girl

Friday, September 6, 2013

Vacation Pics

I totally forgot to post pics of our trip to Washington D.C! Well, we technically went to New York, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Maryland, Indiana, Wisconsin, Delaware, new jersey, and Pennsylvania. A 2 hour car ride is nothing compared to a 12 hour drive now. Man, but it was so worth every second!
 On our way to Indiana!
 You can't survive a vacation without Arizona.
 Library of Congress, just beautiful. But I accidentally got in trouble...oops. There very strict on NO flash photography. I turned my flash off my camera before we headed into the "museum" part, but when I took a picture it flashed! She was really mad at me...but I apologized sincerely, hoping she wouldn't hate me forever!
 Times Square in New York!
 The largest M&M's store in the world!
 Shopaholic scene (one of my all time favorite movies)!
 $500 just wow.
 Creation museum!
 Beautiful Scenery.
 Petting a Zebrass (I think that's what you call it)...did I like it.
 Not so much.
Favorite picture of my sisters and I.
I thought this was disgusting.....I wouldn't want to find any of these in my house let alone my yard!
Have a great weekend!

~Glam Girl

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


 For Christmas my mom gave me a budgeting/privilege thingy. Basically she gives me a certain amount of cash for each month of the year. What first came to my mind was like...SHOPPING SPREE. But sadly no, that's wasn't the case. I would have to buy all my "Girly" type of stuff each month. Shampoo, deodorant, etc. I have had many temptations with this especially shopping for clothes. But I am so glad I have the practice now to turn things down instead of it being impossible to turn things down in the future.
This is what I basically do for example, if your going to the mall maybe go straight to the clearance section so your not tempted to buy all the "new" items. What I usually do is go to goodwill on Tuesday's and pick only clothes that are green tag which is $1.49. So basically spending $6 on 3 practically brand new pair of jeans and an  adorable pair of shoes is what works best for me. Plus you have those "unexpected youth group activities" that come up so saving when you don't need anything is a good idea.
Anywho I had one of my best friends over for a few hours.  It was awesome!

Hope this helped! Have a great school week!
~Glam Girl