Friday, September 6, 2013

Vacation Pics

I totally forgot to post pics of our trip to Washington D.C! Well, we technically went to New York, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Maryland, Indiana, Wisconsin, Delaware, new jersey, and Pennsylvania. A 2 hour car ride is nothing compared to a 12 hour drive now. Man, but it was so worth every second!
 On our way to Indiana!
 You can't survive a vacation without Arizona.
 Library of Congress, just beautiful. But I accidentally got in trouble...oops. There very strict on NO flash photography. I turned my flash off my camera before we headed into the "museum" part, but when I took a picture it flashed! She was really mad at me...but I apologized sincerely, hoping she wouldn't hate me forever!
 Times Square in New York!
 The largest M&M's store in the world!
 Shopaholic scene (one of my all time favorite movies)!
 $500 just wow.
 Creation museum!
 Beautiful Scenery.
 Petting a Zebrass (I think that's what you call it)...did I like it.
 Not so much.
Favorite picture of my sisters and I.
I thought this was disgusting.....I wouldn't want to find any of these in my house let alone my yard!
Have a great weekend!

~Glam Girl


Anonymous said...

Okay... those M&M's...


And the shoes. But for maybe $5. That is an absolutely insane price! You'd think they'd be layered in gold or something! :P

Love seeing your pictures!


Tori said...

Thanks Tirzah! Appreciate all the wonderful comments! <3