Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Birthday Gifts/Goodwill Treasures

 I had an amazing birthday! Filled with love, laughter, and best of all...my family. 4 girls  may not be an ordinary family, but it means the world to me. I gotta admit that the past few years were a tuffy for me personally. But with God's grace and mercy I moved on. Thanks guys for everything!
 Speaking of birthdays presents are like a BIG deal to me...for some odd reason. :)  I feel so loved with gifts! Anyways, my mom got my little sister and I matching Despicable Me 2 shirts! "I have mad ninja skills" is what it says. Since I do martial arts, I think it goes well with my personality! Don't you think?
 I had an amazing cake too! Fudge, chocolate chip, chocolate cake. Can you tell what my favorite thing is right now? It's so rich its going to take us a week to eat it!
 The following are the presents my wonderful family and awesome friends gave me:
 Love charming charlies! They have the best stuff!
 I am officially a nail freak. For about 2 years I have been painting my nails at least once a week. Its so much fun! My mom got me a nail dotting pen to make the perfect polka dots. Did I mention I love Sally Hansen? My little sister got me tons of stuff from there!

I also have been on the lookout for jeans while there still time before fall comes around the corner. I absolutely love goodwill. Especially Tuesdays, $1.49 green tags! While my older sister was at PSEO (Anoka Ramsey), we stopped by the goodwill right around the corner. I found the pair of skinny jeans on the right and then the other two I got a few weeks ago at goodwill. The blue converse were also $1.49, I have like 5 pairs now. Is it obvious what my favorite shoes are? lol!

I also passed my martial arts belt testing, I am officially now a green belt. :D  I'm getting up there on the belt ranks!
~Glam Girl

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Tori! I'm so glad you had a great day! Good job on that green belt! Jonah's started taking Karate- he's got his white belt right now.

Talk to you soon!