Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Conair You Curl Wand Review

Hey peeps! This week has been super busy, school, theater camp, karate start up, etc. So I decided to try out the Conair You Curl Wand. We bought it at Target for like $20 (on sale) so not real expensive. So the pic shows that it comes with a 3 finger heat protective glove so you don't burn your hands (like me). Works fabulous! Here's a style I tried it out with:
 Step #1: Brush your hair out and part it
 Step #2: Combine your hair into a high side pony tail
 Step #3: Grab a small strand of hair and wrap your hair around the Wand
 Hint: Don't forget the glove, it helps a ton!
 And keep curling
 and curling
 and curling
 and curling....till finally your done!
 Step #4: Put in any type of hair spray in your hair, I used Suave Max Hold

Untill your finally done! I think it works great on my hair (my hair like never curls). Sorry if my hair looks orange...I think its the lighting from my camera. If you want the curls to stay in longer, I would put some Aussie heat protective spray on before your curl your hair. Hope this helps!

~Glam Girl

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