Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Wow!  This is my very first blogger award!  Thanks Gracie! 
Here are the rules if you get tagged:

1. Post seven random facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people with this award/tag.

Seven Random facts about me:
1. I did a table topics of me singing in the shower( I did NOT pick this question for my speech class!)
2. I do I say this nicely...dislike corn!
3. Climbed a very tall tree yesterday and on purpose dropped a little baby doll( don't worry, it was cheap) off the tree.  I wanted to see if I ever fell how bad it would hurt.
4. Paint my nails every Monday.
5. A telemarketer called our home about a week ago and I answered while plugging my nose saying" Hello, my name is Peggy how may I help you,  It was a real person, So then She asked " May I speak to Andy please"  told my mom that she wanted to speak to my Dad which my mom said no.  Then I answered still with my plugged nose saying " Sorry, we can't help you right now.....Bye! And hung up!
6. Love to play capture the flag and Volleyball with friends.
7. Hopes to have a good Christmas, even though some things aren't going the way I thought. :)

Ok, that was really awkward telling you those things so now I am going to tag seven people who have to do the same thing I just did!  Lucky you!

1. Moriah @ Uniquely fashioned for his glory
2. Emma @ The Redheaded Peguinator
3. Lizzie @ Lizzie's lifelong journey
4. Emily @ Photography, Baking, and my life
5. Josiah @ Josiah's Life
6. Rachel Grace@ Bundles of blessings
7. Anna Katherine@ Along a road less traveled

Here you go!  Have a great day, and thanks you five who just followed my blog! :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let is Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

How do you all love this Beautiful Snowy Weather?  I have heard some people say" It's so cold" or "I hate this weather."   I happen to know someone who loves Snow and actually counts the days till Christmas in the Summer!  She is my wonderful cousin Tirzah!  I love snow!  This pic makes snow look so beautiful.   Sorry I haven't been blogging lately....again!  Ugh!  I am studying for a Clep test for science.  I am also helping my wonderful Literature teacher, who is Mrs. Bjorkman, with her new home school shop tomorrow. Then this Thursday we are going over to our friends the Polliouts home for Thanksgiving!  Then I am going to My cousin Tirzah's Christmas Tea party early December.  Oh no the list is not over yet, My family has to go to Rochester for a couple of days for a couple of surgeries.  So I won't be busy till the end of January. Ah!  My life is ending!  lol!
Anyways I got a new laptop and I'm still trying to get the hang of it.  This mouse is driving me crazy!  Every little move I make it makes the whole website I am on weird. 
Oh!  I want to tell you all I did a 5 minute speech in front of my whole speech class ( which has about 10 people in it)!  What did I do my speech on?  Abortion.  Getting the facts was easy, but putting it all together and taking some parts out and Memorizing it was the hard part.  My score for my whole speech was 44/50!  Getting 6 wrong and 44 right is amazing!  I got an A!  HALLELUJAH!   I just had to brag this news to you all, sorry! 


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Guys blogger Tag

I know this is a guy blogger tag, but my cousin tagged me on it so I'll do it just for fun!

What is your favorite brand of Shoe/Boot -  I don't really pay attention to shoe brands just if it is cute you buy it!

What is your favorite car company - Volts Wagon!  I want a slug bug!

What is your favorite meat to eat - Chicken!  There are tons of ways to cook chicken and I love cooking with it!

What is your favorite way to eat meat (burger, ribs, steak, meatloaf, etc. ) - Definitely Ribs!  Especially ones that are covered in BBQ sauce! Yum!

What is your favorite sport to watch on TV - Swimming

What is your favorite sport to play with friends - Volley ball!

What is your favorite working activity outside - Probably Gardening, even though we don't do it very often I still like making the yard look pretty!

What is your favorite working activity inside - Cleaning my room!  I love cleaning it and making it look like a palace every time I go in it!

If you have a license, do you like driving - Nope, But I will in a few years!

What is your favorite "war" movie - Anne Of Green Gables the third one.

What is your favorite series of movies - Love comes Softly, and Christy!

Most recent movie you watched - Tron.

What is your favorite junk food - Reese's Pieces!

What do you mostly do throughout your day - Do a ton of school, take a break to play outside, clean the house, Clean the kitchen, etc.

Have you ever wished you were public schooled - Yes, I have ever since I left.

Have you ever been terrified for your life - Not that I can think of.

Is this a boring blogger tag - Nope!  Kind of fun too!

Do you own a gun - Absolutely Not! 

Have you even had a job - No, but I wish I could at least baby sit.

What is the maximum of money you have owned at one time period - $100

What is your favorite website - Facebook

How many hours do you hang out on Facebook/Twitter/Google - Probably only 30 minutes a day.

Well, That was fun!  Here are the people I am going to tag:

Mrs. Taffy
Rachel Grace

Have a great day!