Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Science Mueseum

Sorry I haven't been blogging much everybody. Things have been really wacky lately with medical stuff. So last week on Monday we had Matthew and Andrew full time that day. It's impossible to stay at home all day long. So we decided to go invite our friends the Olson's and go to the Science Museum. That's just fine with me! Kayli here is laughing for some reason, which I don't know why of course. I think Andrew thinks this weaving string is very interesting, don't you think?
Matthew loves the Science museum. He likes pushing buttons and looking at how things work.
Very impressive for someone who has a disease.
Afterwards we got to go to Lands End, and there was a sale there. I found this nice expensive $100 dress for 90% off! $10 bucks! AWESOME!!!!!! It is my most favorite dress in the whole entire world! Thanks mom! And when I twirl it poofs up and twirls beautifully!
Oh yeah and one more thing Zoe says since she can't have a dog she got a dinosaur instead.
And it bit a piece of my jeans off! Ahhhh!
Thanks for following my blog!