Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update on everything!

I Love American Girl! It is one of my favorite websites and places in the world! If you have read my profile you probably already know how much I LOVE dolls! I got the Felicity American Girl doll for Christmas, from the absolute best mom in the world! But unfortunately one day, I saw that her leg was about to pop off! So I have been saving up my money I earned at a garage sale that we did here. I made $18.50! So that is a little more than half of what I need. But I had a little extra so now tomorrow I will sail her off in the mail to the Doll Hospital in Wisconsin, and get her fixed. I won't see her in two to three weeks though. To me being parted with my doll for 3 weeks, is a very LONG time!
Anyway on blogger update, I decided to wait to have an open blog and do a blog post until I turn 13. So don't be bummed some of you other girls, it will happen soon enough on September 2nd.
Memorial day is also coming up on Monday, any of you guys doing anything special? Comment and tell me if you do! I am going to bunker lake to go swimming and grilling, play, celebrate my sister rosebud's b-day, etc. I went to Claire's today also and got a pair of Memorial day earrings, and got a red memorial day T-shirt from Walmart! I will look like I am in the memorial day spirit when I get there.
Well, I hope you all have a good memorial day weekend! Cause I know I will! Memorialish mood,