Monday, December 9, 2013

2013 Karate State Tournament

 Oh what a big day Saturday was! We headed over to Kennedy High school in Bloomington and my little sister and I competed in the karate state tournament. This one was a lot harder than last year, I was competing against 7 other students in each round and some were a higher belt than me. It was a blast, especially doing it with our good friends the Olson's.
 Practicing my hook kick for the next round.
 Oh yeah 1st place!
 Some more kicks...
 Won a 3rd for Escape Techniques.
 I won a first for my Kata and Kayli won a second for her best kicks.

Kayli doing her Kata.
After the event we took Kayli to her Junior high Christmas party. While she was there, the rest of us saw Catching fire at the movie theatre and went shopping at the dollar store afterwards. It was a good day.
I placed the following:
Escapes- 3rd Place
Best Kicks- 1st Place
Kata- 1st Place
Spar- 3rd Place

Going to make ginger bread houses with friends tonight, also having my speech teacher come and coach me at our house. Today is going to be a good day.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

 I recently went to a good friends sweet sixteen birthday was so much fun. It was a "Formal" sweet sixteen so all the girls wore dresses and guys wore ties. It was a lot of fun dressing up all fancy with my friend Olivia at her house. We have the best of times.

 Just wait...we get real funny.... :P

 Oh yeah...I look good in a mustache.
 Golly! Scary.....
Yup... if you know me personally...that's me alright.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Operation Christmas Child

 At church on Sunday we did Operation Christmas Child. It was so much fun and we packed 461 boxes!!! We did amazing! Also we took pictures and donated money for those gifts to be shipped overseas to kids all over the world. It was a great experience that I will never forget.

Overall update: Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie this weekend with friends, saw Thor 2 with my family, and going to an Handel's Messiah concert this weekend. Going to my Cousins for a Thanksgiving dessert, and enjoying my week off of school! Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hangout with Olivia

 I love this girl! We take multiple classes and we go to church and youth group together. It's a joy to be around her and I love our friendship! Love you Olivia! We hung out after our speech class today and took a whole bunch of fall pictures with her new camera. The pic above was taken on Friday, we went to our friend Rachel's sweet sixteen b-day party. It was so much fun getting all dressed up!
 Have to take a karate shot!

 She's so pretty

We get to do duo interpretive speeches for our speech class. So excited! I also found out this week that my speech instructor invited me to be in her Speech and debate club. She wants to coach me as well! Competition coming up in December...kinda nervous but at the same time super excited!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trout Lake Fall Retreat/the night I got saved

This weekend I went to Trout Lake camp with my youth group. It was Amazing! It's one of those experiences that you'll never forget. These girls are amazing and I love them all.
We had ping pong battles and floor hockey battles. It was so much fun! I'm the one in the bright green sweatshirt on the right.
One of my best friends. Such a sweetie!
Yup, I got stuck under the car. A 15 passenger van is a tight squeeze.
Saturday night was a biggie for me. I have been raised in the church growing up and never really made a personal decision in my life on whether I would want to follow Christ or not. I hadn't made good decisions in the past and with medical issues going on at home I chose not to follow Jesus. But over the past few months I was pondering about Christ. My youth pastor was talking about a difference between Anger and Righteous anger. It made me realize that I can't continue my life like that. I was forgiving others, but not myself. My heart melted at the Chapel service at trout lake camp and I felt completely overwhelmed. I just on the spot cried in front of my whole youth group and the leaders and told them that my road has been really rough and I felt like the holy spirit was drawing me towards God. Every single person in that room started to cry, even all the guys. They prayed with me and talked to me and told me how much they loved me. And that night I got saved. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Online shopping Experience

 I love online shopping! They have coupons all the time and you don't have to leave you home to go to the mall. I do admit I have a few family members who DON'T like to shop, so this is a fun and easy way for me to shop whenever I want without leaving the house. What I do is go to a thrift store or mall and find a pair of jeans from that specific company that I like and find my size and go online and buy it when it's cheaper! :D Recently Old navy had all their jeans on sale for super cheap! I haven't had really good luck at our local goodwill on jeans which means I have to start paying the big bucks. I have friends who pay $100 for a pair of jeans! I'm not saying that it's wrong, but for my price range it's a little over board. My range in price to buy brand new jeans is $20 and under.
 Old navy's top price jeans are about $35 so when their jeans are on sale it's in my price range. All their skinny jeans were on sale PLUS a 25% coupon of your purchase. Boy was I happy!
 I bought these 4 pairs of skinny jeans that were on sale for $19 plus 25% coupon was $14.97...woohoo!
 And if you have a order over $50 you get free shipping, their shipping is outrageous in my eyes.
I also got a pair of fashion boots for this Fall/Winter season. They cost me about $25 so a little more than I wanted to spend but totally worth every penny in my case.
How about you? Do you do any online shopping?

Glam Girl

P.S. I will hopefully be doing a review/tutorial on my every day makeup and the new mega plush mascara by mabelline new york so stay tuned!