Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hangout with Olivia

 I love this girl! We take multiple classes and we go to church and youth group together. It's a joy to be around her and I love our friendship! Love you Olivia! We hung out after our speech class today and took a whole bunch of fall pictures with her new camera. The pic above was taken on Friday, we went to our friend Rachel's sweet sixteen b-day party. It was so much fun getting all dressed up!
 Have to take a karate shot!

 She's so pretty

We get to do duo interpretive speeches for our speech class. So excited! I also found out this week that my speech instructor invited me to be in her Speech and debate club. She wants to coach me as well! Competition coming up in December...kinda nervous but at the same time super excited!

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Anonymous said...

You both are very pretty! You'll do great!
<3 Tirzah