Friday, March 21, 2014

Updates galore

Hey everyone! So this blog hasn't really been a big priority lately... Sorry! Anywho last month I got hired at culvers! Turns out the guy I interview with is in the military...was homeschooled... And goes to school with my older sister! Who knew how perfect that was! I also got a smart phone...FINALLY! And I am probably getting braces in a few months...scary! AND I did something so different...people I am now a blonde. 
I think it looks so cute!!! Every time I go to the bathroom or something...I'm just in complete shock. Very big change...but a great one! Met a few girlfriends at caribou that I haven't seen in a month! It was a blast...except for a random guy coming up to me and asking " what's ur name"..."eve" "what grade are you in" "8th" do you live here "nope" awkward... And I completely lied...
I was so feeling in the spring/summer mode after last week being so nice! I bought shorts for only $5 each at Walmart! Evidently they were from last years stock...I don't care!
And we went to the mall later on in the week and I was spoiling myself for 2 for $5 flip flops at old navy!
Flappy much as I hate this game...I love it at the same time... I am so proud of myself from this score...I just have to show it off!
I hope you all have a fantastic week! I am currently in the coupon saving mode/ trim and healthy mode/ I want to rollerblade mode/ will spring ever come mode.