Monday, December 9, 2013

2013 Karate State Tournament

 Oh what a big day Saturday was! We headed over to Kennedy High school in Bloomington and my little sister and I competed in the karate state tournament. This one was a lot harder than last year, I was competing against 7 other students in each round and some were a higher belt than me. It was a blast, especially doing it with our good friends the Olson's.
 Practicing my hook kick for the next round.
 Oh yeah 1st place!
 Some more kicks...
 Won a 3rd for Escape Techniques.
 I won a first for my Kata and Kayli won a second for her best kicks.

Kayli doing her Kata.
After the event we took Kayli to her Junior high Christmas party. While she was there, the rest of us saw Catching fire at the movie theatre and went shopping at the dollar store afterwards. It was a good day.
I placed the following:
Escapes- 3rd Place
Best Kicks- 1st Place
Kata- 1st Place
Spar- 3rd Place

Going to make ginger bread houses with friends tonight, also having my speech teacher come and coach me at our house. Today is going to be a good day.

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Anonymous said...

Great job on your karate, Tori!