Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let is Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

How do you all love this Beautiful Snowy Weather?  I have heard some people say" It's so cold" or "I hate this weather."   I happen to know someone who loves Snow and actually counts the days till Christmas in the Summer!  She is my wonderful cousin Tirzah!  I love snow!  This pic makes snow look so beautiful.   Sorry I haven't been blogging lately....again!  Ugh!  I am studying for a Clep test for science.  I am also helping my wonderful Literature teacher, who is Mrs. Bjorkman, with her new home school shop tomorrow. Then this Thursday we are going over to our friends the Polliouts home for Thanksgiving!  Then I am going to My cousin Tirzah's Christmas Tea party early December.  Oh no the list is not over yet, My family has to go to Rochester for a couple of days for a couple of surgeries.  So I won't be busy till the end of January. Ah!  My life is ending!  lol!
Anyways I got a new laptop and I'm still trying to get the hang of it.  This mouse is driving me crazy!  Every little move I make it makes the whole website I am on weird. 
Oh!  I want to tell you all I did a 5 minute speech in front of my whole speech class ( which has about 10 people in it)!  What did I do my speech on?  Abortion.  Getting the facts was easy, but putting it all together and taking some parts out and Memorizing it was the hard part.  My score for my whole speech was 44/50!  Getting 6 wrong and 44 right is amazing!  I got an A!  HALLELUJAH!   I just had to brag this news to you all, sorry! 



Anonymous said...

Great job Miracle! Yes I do love snow! Yippee!

gracie said...

Aww You make me so happy!
Random thing, I know the Polliouts!!! we used to see them all the time!

Mrs. Taffy said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Girly! Good job on your speech! I bet you are naturally good at, it's sort of like acting in a way.

Love you,
Aunt Taffy

Emily said...

Awh! You have snow??? That's awesome! :D We don't yet, but I can't wait until we get lots! :D
Good job on your speech! :)