Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Wow!  This is my very first blogger award!  Thanks Gracie! 
Here are the rules if you get tagged:

1. Post seven random facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people with this award/tag.

Seven Random facts about me:
1. I did a table topics of me singing in the shower( I did NOT pick this question for my speech class!)
2. I do I say this nicely...dislike corn!
3. Climbed a very tall tree yesterday and on purpose dropped a little baby doll( don't worry, it was cheap) off the tree.  I wanted to see if I ever fell how bad it would hurt.
4. Paint my nails every Monday.
5. A telemarketer called our home about a week ago and I answered while plugging my nose saying" Hello, my name is Peggy how may I help you,  It was a real person, So then She asked " May I speak to Andy please"  told my mom that she wanted to speak to my Dad which my mom said no.  Then I answered still with my plugged nose saying " Sorry, we can't help you right now.....Bye! And hung up!
6. Love to play capture the flag and Volleyball with friends.
7. Hopes to have a good Christmas, even though some things aren't going the way I thought. :)

Ok, that was really awkward telling you those things so now I am going to tag seven people who have to do the same thing I just did!  Lucky you!

1. Moriah @ Uniquely fashioned for his glory
2. Emma @ The Redheaded Peguinator
3. Lizzie @ Lizzie's lifelong journey
4. Emily @ Photography, Baking, and my life
5. Josiah @ Josiah's Life
6. Rachel Grace@ Bundles of blessings
7. Anna Katherine@ Along a road less traveled

Here you go!  Have a great day, and thanks you five who just followed my blog! :)

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gracie said...

Hahaha I love the 5th one!! I laughed so hard!