Sunday, September 29, 2013

Prairie Fire "Beauty and the Beast" theater camp

 Hey Peeps! This week has been CRAZY busy...but a good busy! We had theater camp again...totally awesome! I am so going to miss all my friends and fabulous directors. We normally have around 80 people in our productions in the past. Only 56 this time so it was a lot smaller than usual.
 My little sister was Gypsy leader #4...she was so excited to have a speaking part! She was amazing!
 And of course I was Beauty's vain sister Lucreatia (second lead female role), it was so much fun! It was so much fun working with these girls, they were vain sisters too. Our names were Lucreatia, Morticia, Laticia, Ambitia, Narcissia, and Ishishia. That's a string of names!
 These were my girlfriends I hung out with all week, gonna miss them. We had the best of memories!
 Trying to pick her up...was it a fail?
 Nope...were all good!
 My little sister and I, she was such a good sport.
And we all bought T-shirts, so we all matched! This was a wonderful experience, but now I have to wait till spring before Prairie fire theater camps start back up again. :( I had an amazing time.

Glam Girl

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