Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Fun!

                                         What's your favorite restaurant? Mine would probably be a buffet because you can eat all the food you want.  I love there ham, mac and cheese, desserts, there ice cream bar, taco, etc.  But I know some people don't like buffets for germs.  I don't really care about germs that much.  My favorite restaurant is Old country Buffet.
Oh how I love summer!  To bad it is almost over! AH!  I love running and playing energetic games.   But also talking, blogging too!  If I had to pick a sport to do, probably being on the swim team.  But I almost did but decided family was more important.  I hope I get the chance to someday! 
Today we went garage sailing but I got nothing.  I would've blogged about but you know.  Bummer.
I hope you all have a blessed day!


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Tirzah said...

Oooh! Solomon loves Old Country Buffet too! I love the dessert counter... mmmmm! Thanks for putting a link for my blog on your blog! I love the new look!! <3