Friday, August 19, 2011

Work day

  Today is work day for me, mowing the lawn, dusting, mopping,sweeping, clean room, fold clothes, etc.
I will be so sore I won't be able to move.  But I already mowed the lawn, and of course the lawn mower wasn't working.  So I had to do each row twice in order for it to look like it was mowed.  Tired is my middle name today.  But I am glad to get it all done.
Tomorrow we are going to a friends house and having a pride and prejudice party!  We'll dress up just like them, have our hair done like them, ah just imaging it makes me feel relaxed.  I am very blessed to have good friends like them.  They have 8 children and the 3 oldest our all of our age!  Have a blessed day!



Josiah said...

I gotta mow the lawn too today! :D It sounds like maybe your lawn mower blade needs to me sharpened?

Love the posts, keep at it! :D

Tirzah said...

Ugh! Yard work. Double ugh. :P I'm sure you did great Tori! Love all the blog posts!