Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just for fun!

I would love to be rich! Wouldn't you? I would be most happy if I married a rich man. But I would also like to marry a dirt farmer. It would be kinda fun! But I will marry whatever man God has in store for me. Anyways about Money, I LOVE to shop and spend! It makes me feel real happy, but in the end if I spend it badly on some junky thing I would be upset. So I am doing what my cousin is doing only bring a certain amount of money when you go shopping or garage sailing. So I plan to only spend a dollar every 1-2 weeks. Then I will get lower and lower, but then get back up to a dollar! Sometimes I think to myself, what if I were an only child? Well, I would get all the attention and good stuff. But I would be bored to death! I know my cousins are probably never bored because of each other! lol! That's why I plan to have as many children God wants me to have!
And nobody to fight and play with. :( But I guess fighting is a not so much a great thing. I would probably, maybe, not really....Just joking, should work on that.
Isn't she Cute! My little cousin, Marshmallow Taffy!

A vegetable that I absolutely hate and will throw up if I eat it, CORN. If you are planning to try corn, go right ahead but just warning you that corn is mold! And is not especially healthy for you. I am very pleased that I don't like it. But if we go to some body's house and corn is in the dish, I will eat it out of kindness, and drink lots of water! lol!

Sorry for not blogging much, I forgot that my little sister rosebud and mama pillar made a jar with tons of idea's for blogging in it. Thanks for still reading cousins! Have a blessed day!


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Josiah said...


Great post, learned some new things about you! :D You want to marry a rich and/or dirty farmer?? :D I know God has a speical plan for you. Don't be worried about whom your gonna marry just yet (I'm speaking from experience here *wink) Just let God lay out your life in His time, not yours. :D

Love your blog, and you can keep my name just like it is...unless you wanna call me "The Absolute Strongest Best Cousin in the Whole Entire World" Nah...that would be streching the truth just a little bit! :D I don't care what you call me, you could call be fart breath or something if you wanted too!

Oh well, love the blog, God bless Tori!