Thursday, August 16, 2012

Week Spent with friends/ Mom's Surgery

 As some of you may know my mom had 3 tumors, which were taken out on Monday.  So this week we went to our friends house! It was hard to tell whether you were happy and sad, because you could be happy to spend time with friends, or be sad cause your having fun and someone you love is in pain and NOT having so much fun.  Well, I as you can see I decided to not worry and let mom's surgery fall into God's hands instead of my own.  There's no use worrying, so I might as well get distracted by my Bff Ellie!! She makes me laugh and Is one of those friends you will never forget and be friends forever. :)
 Looking at me...
 and telling me how strong I am!!! Oh yeah!
 What does the sign say???
 Dock closed for repair...ok?
 Yep, I do look good if I do say so! Jk!
 Day 2: Emma Day!  This is another very good friend of mine who I haven't seen in FOREVER!!!  She can always make you smile and Laugh and says the sweetest things!  She is so much fun!
 We put TONS of makeup on each other and went CRAZY!  We were totally freaks!  Sometimes I like being a freak! Especially being a freak with somebody you care about! :D
Day 3: Peyton Day!  I didn't actually take any pictures of our day, so I found an old one so you would know who I am talking about.  She is also another SUPER GOOD friend of mine and can always make you laugh and comes up with the funniest jokes!  (Trust me...she plays them on me all the time, for instance she told me I was Gullible and that it wasn't in the Dictionary.  I immediately believed her until today she showed me that it was in the Dictionary.  Also she tricked me into thinking I drank out of James Coopers cup and what was my reaction to this?  Running to a tree and spitting to my hearts desire, but NO that was not good enough!  I went to the Bathroom and washed my mouth out with soap! Yeah, but it wasn't true, I drank out of my cup....yeah BIG red face in front of my catering team which we were catering a wedding Reception.  But everyone was talking and being SO loud they couldn't hear me which I am very Thankful for. I still Love that girl and man are we the best of friends or what!) She is the one on the right. Well, gotta go, byez!


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It's a Lacy Life said...

We're praying for your mom, Miracle! :)

God Bless!
It's a Lacy Life