Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Twins Game

 Oh yes! This was my very first baseball game I have ever went to!  And can I tell you it was totally awesome!  Our daycare family blessed us with 4 tickets to go see the Minnesota Twins with them!  So here is my Twins shirt I bought, cool right? :D
 Here we are entering Target Field, and as you can see here is bulls eye wagging his tail.
 Me and my momma having fun!
 Here is the stadium, it looks a lot bigger but I couldn't get the whole thing in one picture.  That's proof how big it is!  There was probably up to 35,000 people there!  It was busy!  And the Twins were competing against the Los Angeles Angles.  Some name huh!
 Henry enjoying every bit of attention he was getting! Cutie!
 Here is the view I had and it was perfect!  We sat right above the score board!  Fun!  Perfect seats!
 Keilana and Kayli having a blast and saying "Go Twins!"
 Henry was sticking out his tongue and begging me for the fruit snacks I was eating!

Here is all of us, enjoying the fun game!  Even though they lost at 8 to 3 it was awesome! 


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