Monday, May 21, 2012

Garage Sale Finds!

This week was a little nerve wrecking because there were so many garage sales, but most of them were total junk!  So my first find was 4 bandannas for $2, but I asked for $1 and she said yes!  I work miracles in bargaining prices for some reason! lol!

Then there was this cute flip flop photo album! I love flip flops and then there was this! CUTE!!! So this was originally $1 but I asked for 0.50 cents and of course she said yes!  I love that word!  Especially coming from a sales person in garage sales!

Then comes the things my mom got me, this flip flop picture frame for 99 cents!  We saw one just like it in a store and we were both drooling over it! It was like $14 bucks, but at the thrift store it's WAY cheaper! :D
Then this vanity!  My wonderful mother bought this one for me and it took a while to get it. It was originally $20, but I asked for $10. I waited and waited until finally she about $12?  My mom said yes and score!!!  It is super cute and you can put pictures in the frames on the side. I already put one!  And then I am going to order my pictures of friends and Theatre productions I did so then I can put them in my flip flop book, and on my new vanity!

So that was my finds for the Big Lake city wide garage sales!  How about you?  What did you find?


Anonymous said...

Awesome finds Victoria!! Great job!!
Love the vanity!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Love your new vanity! So pretty! I'm so proud of you for getting good deals! I'm always scared to ask! Do you want me to link you up to my Garage Sale Treasures Post? I'd be happy to do it for you! See you Saturday!!

Victoria said...

Thanks! I would love to hook up with you! That would be great! Yep, see you on Saturday!


Our Country Road said...

I really need to learn how to ask for lower prices! My daughter has been wanting a vanity like that one, it's beautiful!! Great find!