Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Evil Toe, But Good Doctor

I have this very weird problem you see, and it's a little thing. But it has turned into a big thing, bigger than I think should be.  So I will tell you the story.  Since December I have had what I thought was a splinter in my toe.  We've tried to get it out with a needle and tweezers for a very long time, but it still never came out.  So we tried soaking it in water with some sort of salt and then getting it out with the needle and tweezers, but no luck.  So 2 weeks ago we went to the doctors to see what she would recommend doing and of course I thought she would just prescribe something to put on it or do with it.  Oh but no, I was way off! She needed more help on deciding what to do, so she grabs two other doctors and they take a look at it.  So this guy doctor said something that wasn't really pleasing to my ears. Now don't get me wrong he is really nice guy and acts like he wants to help you very much.  But he told me that he wanted to take an x-ray of my toe and then after that he wanted to numb my toe up with a shot and take a scalpel and cut my toe to see if he could find the thing that was in there.  He also wanted to do this process in the procedure room.... Oh my goodness!  I just went blank!  He said to my mom and I " What do you think"  What I thought is how am I going to do my production on a cut open sore toe, plus I have to do a dance which would hurt doing it on a sore toe.  My mom asked me if I want to do it later or get it done and over with.  In my mind I didn't want to do it at all, but if I had too I would just want to get it done and over with.  And that is exactly what I told her.  So we go into the room and I lay down on my stomach and the nurse pulls out this HUGE needle!!! And I think to myself, what a stinky world.  He is going to plunge that thing in my tiny toe!  No siry that is not going to happen!  So I immediately tell my mom that I was fine and all of a sudden felt better and didn't want to do it. So as I was getting up to get out of the room the doctor was shocked and said " Are we still doing it?" and my mom said yes.  As I felt the stinging of that shot going into my small toe, my mom was soothing me and told me everything was fine and that maybe we would go get some ice cream after.  Ice cream didn't sound good at the time, but I knew afterward I would be really be needing it. After this process was all over, he said to come back in two weeks to see how it has been.  So we came back today and still no change, the pain has been increasing and still no luck.  So he froze of some warts that were spreading all over the blister or whatever that thing is and said to come back again and if it didn't work he will have an MRI on my toe. Weird huh?  Who knew something so small could end up being very big! Hope your doctor visits are better than mine! :(


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