Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kayli's 11th B-day!!!

 On May 31st, my wonderful little sister turned 11 years old!  She was so excited to have found gum in her gumavenger hunt! Get it?!
 They were even in puzzles, cabinets, drawers, school notebooks everywhere! 
 Her BIG present was a purple camera from all of us, she absolutely loves it! She is taking pictures everywhere literally!  So she took tons of pictures at.....
 The Como Zoo!

 Kayli invited her Friend Abby to come spend the day with her, those two are HILARIOUS together!  There two peas in a pod!
Birthday girl and friend!  Kayli had a great birthday, and a great cake but I forgot to take the picture before it was eaten! Don't worry, I already kicked myself in the butt for that!  lol!


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