Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garage Sale Finds and Mall Shopping!!!

 Yes I finally went garage saling after a few busy Saturdays!  I didn't get any accessories or things BUT we found the best clothes jackpot ever!  And Yes Big Lake is completely junky, but there was actually a couple good sales with NICE stuff.  So this outfit technically wasn't from a garage sale but Goodwill. SUPER cute and it was from cold water creek and it was only $3 bucks!!!
 Then we got this white sweater for $1 that is so cute with Jeans!!!  Ah I am so excited!
 Then the skirt is from Christopher banks and is practically brand new! We got it for $0.50! Awesome! The Shirt is from the mall in St.Cloud that we went to earlier today also, I really needed this short summer cardigan for my dress above but the only one we could find that looked super cute and was EXACTLY what I needed was $42 from Macy's!  It was on sale then for $24 but still WAY too over sad :( So I got this black and white checkered top 10.99 at Old Navy!  I LOVE that store!
 Then I got this skirt at Ragstock for $8!  So cute!  But it is so weird, when I looked to see if they had my size it says all size fits some.  Weird...but it fit so I am glad I am some! lol!
 Orange Shirt from Old Navy for $5.99 and I also ordered a blue one online! Yes you can tell I really like this shirt!
 And a green sleeveless one from Old Navy for $10.99, I guess I am too bit excited in this picture...:D

 And a pink checkered one from Old Navy as well for $10.99, Score!!! MY FAVORITE COLOR!!!
 Then these cute sunglasses for $6.99 that were normally $24.99, Wahoo! I have been needing a pair of cute sunglasses!
So overall my shopping experience today I found practically almost everything I needed for this start of summer!  What do you find at your neighbor hood garage sales?!


P.S.  I am so sorry to say that I will have to hold my giveaway off for a while! WAH!!!

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So fashionable and modest and lovely!