Saturday, June 2, 2012


A week ago we started going to our friends World Religions Clep study group, our first field trip was to the Tabernacle and the Cathedral.  I was going to take pictures of the Tabernacle, but it was so rainy and muddy!  Plus I had to hold Henry all the time so either way it wouldn't have worked out. :P  But I got these pics of the cathedral!

The front, this is wear the people have their church service.  Their were TONS of seats!  My church is small and this church is like a castle compared to mine!
Henry and I having a fun time!  He kept thinking the saint statues were baseballs.  Cutie!
This is were the Catholics pray to the saints and burn offerings which usually are candles.

They wanted a buck for a candle that you couldn't even keep!  WOW!!! I thought this was a church NOT a Money maker company!

All the candles, there were so many for each Saint I lost count!

Were you knelt at the Saints feet.

Were the Priest rinsed his hands before praying or preaching.
Then after we had a picnic lunch at this Pizza place! Very fun and cool!

By far a very interesting experience I will remember for a while!  The building was beautiful and some of their ways were just a tad bit awkward, but another religion I learned of in my way to getting college credit!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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