Friday, April 5, 2013

Shoes Galore

 I think I am starting to become a shoe shopaholic (like I never was). I found these neon converse at payless for $3! That's cheaper than goodwill! So I couldn't resist getting them.
Then my mom and I have been on the hunt for "Nice" shoes for my messed up feet. We found these on sale at Kohl's for like $70 (normally $80). Which is really cheap compared to a similar pair I found at foot locker for $140! Yeah, this was a great deal especially since the asics. :) I love great findings at the mall which means garage sale season is starting to come back up!!! I can't wait!


Tangerine-Tane said...

Those are such cool shoes, Tori! I love their colours and patterns. :) I also love shoes, especially boots!
Tane xxx

Sararose said...

Tori, I tagged you on my blog!
Love Sararose xox
ps. Love the Shoes!