Saturday, April 13, 2013

Prairie Fire Theater "Cinderella" Production

 This was absolutely one of the funniest plays I have ever done! As you can see from the title we did "Cinderella" and it was a blast! My audition went very well and I got the part as the evil step ya! That was the part I wanted the most and it fit me quite you can see from all these pictures.
 Singing "My boyfriends back" and making my "boyfriend" cry his eyes out. (Kinda an awkward scene especially since I am in a bathrobe and hair net. :P
 Wow...just wow. I can't believe my mom actually caught this moment on camera.

 Trying to get the glass slipper on my foot, I had quite a hard time with that. :) "Mother!"
 And again...
 Kayli got to be one of the backup singers for the famous band. Cinderella is based on the 1950's so everyone wore poodle skirts and sang OLD awesome!
 My friend Jessica (Cinderella) and I! It was weird being enemies with her.
The cast!
By far this performance was awesome, loves my lines, dances, and songs. We even went out with some friends afterwards to McDonald's.
What I wore in was very random here and there:
Polka dot blouse
Yellow Scarf
Yellow sleeping cap
Red Converse
Yellow Robe
I had quite a few scene changes in the beginning, but it was still awesome!

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Lizzy said...

Sorry, Rona. I should have commented a bit earlier. I had an absolute blast with Cinderella. I can't wait 'till Aladdin. :)
Love, Clarissa