Friday, October 19, 2012

Web Cam Freak!

 I use my web cam soooo much! It's so much fun! Plus it is really fast and easy to load pics onto your blog. I have been doing school pretty much since the middle of August. Psychology has been one of my top priorities since then so I haven't really had time to post and fashion type things. But I was thinking about showing you all my makeup routine in a video. What do ya think?
 Am I confused or what?
 Scary right?
 This one at least doesn't take up too much time of my day...
Here comes my rescuer! She always brightens my day!



Sugar Plum said...

Hi Girly,
Awww, sorry about all the school.
Awesome Post!!
Love ya Girl,
Sugar Plum

Anonymous said...

Cute photos Tori! I'd love to see your make-up routine!

Tirzah <3