Monday, October 1, 2012

Fashion Frenzy!

 I haven't posted in FOREVER! I am so sorry folks! I have been a tad busy for the month of September.  Did I mention that I had my birthday?  Well, I will tell you all about it in my next post! So...did I tell you what exactly is the Fashion Frenzy? Well, it's where you take pictures of a whole bunch of different outfits of you and a guest ( which is my little sister ) and give details about the outfit. In my first outfit here is:
White Cardigan: Rue 21
Pink Shirt: Garage Sale
Skirt: Ragstock
Black Flats: Target
 Here is my beautiful guest! Isn't she cute! I love this girl so much! She actually only wanted to wear one outfit, but take lots of pictures with it on.  She is wearing
Hat: Garage Sale
Shirt: Goodwill
Jean Skirt: Coldwater Creek
Black leggings: Handme down
Boots: Old Navy
White Shirt: Old Navy
Striped Tank: Old Navy
Blue Skirt: Handme down
Blue Flats: Clothes Mentor

 Love this pic!
White Sweater: Handme down
Green dress: Garage sale
Brown Leggings: Old Navy
Boots: Old Navy
 We have a vacant lot next door to us that was perfect for taking pictures.
 I did NOT Photo shop this! lol!
 She just loved to take pictures on the fence...:)
 Neon Pink Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Target
Converse: Goodwill
 I didn't even know my sister took this pic, but I thought it was pretty funny!
Love it Love it Love it!


P.S. I decided to change my blog AGAIN! I know! I just wasn't finding the right look and topic for my blog. So I decided to look at all the blogs I LOVE reading ( Fresh Modest, Pretty Modest, Totally Chic, Modest Fashion, along a road less traveled, etc ) I found what they all had in common and I decided to do a fashion type blog of my own! So I will be blogging about makeup reviews, clothes, how to look modest and still look cute, etc. What do you think?


Elizabeth Gibbs said...

Love your outfits! The green dress is adorable paired with the boots! You wanted the link to Chloe's blog? (: My post has it if you click on the words check out her *blog* haha but here is the link to it anyways:

Have a lovely day!
Lizzy <3

Sararose said...

I LOVE the first photo of you in the white *sweater* and green dress - its so cute!!! in OZ, we call "sweaters" jumpers - don't know why!
Love your blog!
Sararose xox