Saturday, October 27, 2012

Conservation Field Trip

 Today I went on a field trip with my conservation class at my co-op. I had a blast! Best field trip ever! We played a survival game at the Crex meadow Wild Life park in Wisconsin. Basically we had to make our own fire, build a shelter, find or make sterile water, and something edible. The group was split into 3 teams and I was on team 3. Out of the four of us I was the ONLY girl on the team! Boring! But I had a good time anyways..:)
 This is the Shelter we built, hard work!
 This is the inside, I gathered all the moss for the floor so it would make it better to sleep on. It took me 3 big bags to get the floor completely done!
 This is what it looked like from the top of the shelter, very cool!
 All my girl friends!
 Grace, sweetest and most funniest person you have ever met!
Silly pose, Emma's idea to do the lip thing. :)


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