Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Casual Red

 Red is such a pretty color, don't you think? I was feeling a bit tired so I decided to just wear something comfy.  Even though the Twins stink, I still like the baseball team and because of the memories I had for my first twins game!
 Red Twins Shirt- Walmart
Jeans- Handme down
Red Converse- Goodwill
 I absolutely LOVE converse shoes! They are so cute...and comfy...and... just my shoe!
Well, I guess it's back to Psychology for me..blah! Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

~Tori (Glam Girl)

1 comment:

Sugar Plum said...

I am so glad you did another post!
Love the new outfit!
Oh, and I love your new background!
Love ya girl,
Sugar Plum