Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Wonderful World of Makeup

 I am so glad I am not a boy( wow, that was really random) because then I wouldn't be able to wear pink or makeup! My life would be that's why I thank God for letting me be a girl. As you can see in the picture, I have a lot of makeup! And no I do not use it at one time. I have the following:
Liquid Foundation: 2 samples and 1 normal bottle
Mascara's: Sample Clinique and 2 Maybeline New York and Lash Tinsel
Eyeliner's: Navy Blue, Black, Purple, and Dark Brown
Eyeshadow: All colors
Blush: pink
 This is the sample kit that my mom got me for my birthday! There was a deal at the Clinique store, it was if you purchase something $25 or more you would get a free sample kit which included the following: 2 bags, moisturizer, makeup remover, lipstick, mascara, and a little white box that had blush and two purple eye shadows.
 This is what my mom bought me that was $25! Ouch! She said it's hard to find a foundation that fits you right so she paid the price so we could get the big kit that was worth $100, trust me. If that bottle of foundation cost $25 then who knows what how much all of that would cost normally.



Anonymous said...

Fun! Isn't Clinique so fun? :) We have a friend who works there. SHE IS AWESOME. :)

What a fun post, keep up the good work!
Tirzah <3

Sararose said...

well, I have to disagree with you on the whole makeup is awesome thing coz I really don't like make up. as in I almost HATE makeup! But thats probaly coz I only ever wear stage makeup and that takes ages to put on and hurts to take off!
Love Sararose xox