Sunday, April 8, 2012


 Happy Easter everyone!  It is such a beautiful day!  I am so glad that the Lord Jesus Christ was risen from the dead!  So last night we had a Easter egg hunt in the dark at night outside,  very fun!  Especially doing it with your dear little sister! :)
 This Easter feast I was in charge of making the dessert which was...Rice Krispie Treats!  Kayli has been begging mom to make them so I guess this Easter we had a very practical dessert. :)
                                         If only she really did what it looks like she is doing.
 Here are the Marshmallows I am melting to turn into a glaze.  Why couldn't we just use marshmallow cream?  Because the "Original" recipe said to melt them.  Oh well!
 Here are the rice Krispie's after, Marvelous!  And they tasted great!

 The Easter Feast! Ham, Scalloped potatoes, corn, green beans, dinner rolls, pink salad, black olives, and mandarin oranges!  The ham and scalloped potatoes were my FAVORITE!!! Can you tell? :D
 Cheesy but cute!
 After cleaning up Kayli and I decided to go take some pictures outside in this beautiful weather!  I love this picture of her! 
 Okay okay...Kayli wanted me to tell you all that she took the picture!  She is so proud of herself and I am too!  I took the pic above and she took the one below.  Over all this Easter was great!  Happy Resurrection day everyone!  God Bless!



Tirzah said...

I absolutely LOVE LOVE that picture of you Miracle! That's soooo cute!!! I'm glad you guys had such a great Resurrection day! I bet your rice krispies tasted great! I've requested mom to make those (rice krispies) before I have braces because I won't be able to have any once I get them (braces) on!
Love you guys!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Hi Beautiful! I'm so glad you all had such a lovely Easter! Great pictures!

Tell Zoe her blog has disappeared...

Love you!

Victoria said...

Thank you! Zoe actually deleted her blog because she never had anymore time to do it with all the school she has to do. Love you!