Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trinity Trot 5k

 Oh Yes!  This is another 5k I did this morning at 9:30.  This time I didn't sprint the whole way, but got to jog with one of my good friends Clarissa.  This was her first 5k and I figured we would just do it together as friends!  I had so much fun with her and we kept each other determined to finish this race.  Kayli also tagged along too until a little towards the end when she ran off!  She looked like she was so ready to beat us, and she did! :D  Good job little sis!
 I was in the most hideous outfit ever!  My mom made me put on leggings under my shorts cause it was so cold!  Mothers are always right and it was a good thing she made me because I was freezing to death out there!
 Afterwards they were fundraising for their church and had a festival.  The tickets were not the cheapest ever and everything needed a ticket for games.  We of course didn't do that but stayed in the bathroom for quite a while.  I have very bad stomach issues so I was in there for a bit....yeah...
 Here is the free T-shirt I got though, it is HUGE!!!  So I had to redesign it myself by adding a few rubber bands. 
 Sorry my camera string is in the way but this was the best pic.  This had all the companies that supported it.  You even could get a free massage..but I'm not the stranger type massage person. "Awkward"  So that was my memory for today, what was yours? Have a great weekend!


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