Monday, February 27, 2012

Passport Picture's

What's up everybody?  I am free.....for a few minutes!  Well, today we went to get our passport pictures taken.  We needed them to get renewed because I need state proof that I am a citizen in the USA.  So that was taken care of this afternoon.   As we were taken our pictures to the government center  my mom told the lady at the counter she had not had my birth certificate.  I told my mom after "I knew I was adopted!"  Just joking in case you don't know me.  Ok so here are some weird, stupid, crazy, miscalanious pictures of me on the way.
 Happy.....for the moment.
 Crazy, and stupid.
 Weird and crazy!
Overwhelmed and hyper!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Awh, you're so cute!! Glad you guys got your passports,we have ours too!