Friday, February 17, 2012

History Mueseum With the Soderstrom's

Today we went to the History Museum with our friends the Soderstrom's!  It was a lot of fun, but man was it packed!  There were tons of school groups and Elderly groups, everywhere you turned around you would step on someones foot.  But besides the crowd, it was fun!  Here's me, bored and crazy, waiting to get there.
 Okay, so as we were walking to the History center we saw this foot hanging out the car.  It looked VERY real.  I was almost going to look inside the car to make sure nobody's foot was really stuck in there until my mom said it was a joke.  The car was even handicap!  Weird...and SCARY!!!
 Henry watching the old fashioned TV.  He loved turning the switch which changed the channels.
 Here's the group eating lunch after a long day. 
We had a great day, hope your day was even better than mine!


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Laura said...

That was really fun! Best day ever.