Monday, July 2, 2012

Kelley Farm With Lee's!

 A couple of weeks ago we went to the Kelley Farm with our church friends!  I had so much fun, plus it was a beautiful day!  But sun screen was definetly needed. :)
 Henry and I enjoying a nice breeze through the window.
 This was Henry's favorite part, pouring the water in the bucket!
 Going into the Sheep pen and petting the sheep!  The lambs were my favorite! Soft and cuddly, they felt like a stuffed animal. lol!
 Little Keilana pushing a big plow! 
 The three munckins having fun petting the ox!
 He is SO ADORABLE!!!!
 So sweet...:)
 Elisabeth and I, we had such a fun time!  We are doing a Summer
Pursuit program together too!
 Hot and sweaty but enjoying every minute!
Overall it was awesome!!!  Such a beautiful day for such beautiful girls. :)


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Emily Ruth said...

Farms are always fun. :)